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Solid Solutions is the first company in Australia to offer a complete range of mould making & casting materials. We supply off the shelf polyurethane systems, silicone rubbers, fibreglass materials, epoxy resins, low melt metals, release agents & associated products. Solid Solutions offers a one stop sales centre for all moulding & casting needs with emphasis on savings through bulk purchases.

Products and services

    Silicone Rubber,  Low Melt Metal Silicone Rubber,  Food Grade Silicone Rubber,  Epoxy Resin Adhesive,  Epoxy Casting Resin, Epoxy Fibreglassing Resin,  Epoxy Potting Resin,  Modelling Polyurethane, Flexible Polyurethane, Styrofoam Sheets, Multipanel, Fibreglassing Cloths, Lead Free Pewter, Hydrostone, Acrylic Polymer, Clear Embedding Resin, Resin Jewellery, Epoxy Wood Work Resin, Clay, Klean Klay, Solid Mould 500, Solid Cast 660, Solid Cast 606, Solid Cast 609, Solid Mould 590, Pigments, Dyes, Wax

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